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Day Three of Quarantine - יום שלישי של בידוד

Day three and the jet lag is still not subsiding. Fell asleep at midnight and woke at 1:30 a.m. Tried to do some crossword puzzles but couldn't focus and my whole body was aching (not from Corona but from way too much walking on NYC concrete sidewalks). Got up at 2:30 and ran a bath. Took some more Tylenol and fell asleep. Ahh, sleep. Ring, ring, ring... at 8:15...

"שלום, ברברה? זה מכון שיקום הלב. הזמן שלכם נגמר. אנא אל תגיעי,"

(Hello, Barbara? This is Cardiac Rehab. Your time is finished. Please don't come). Sleep was no longer possible.

I got up. Made coffee and sat down to read the ever more depressing news. Decided that this was a bad way to start the day. Ditched the phone and played a game of MahJong. I looked around the kitchen and thought that I should really start on the cleaning. After all, when do you have the luxury of emptying the cabinets and leaving everything on the cupboard for days because no one is coming to visit so embarrassment is no longer an issue.

Of course, at 11 a.m. I crashed and slept for a few hours.

When I came upstairs I was determined to do something. Anything. I bragged on Day One that I would be cleaning the drawers and doing yoga. Yoga hasn't happened yet. And neither has the cleaning. So, I opened the drawer where I stashed all the goodies from NY and quickly shut it. I knew when I saw the mess that my ambition was well and truly gone - zip, nada, nil, zilch. The cleaning gods were laughing at me. Brave woman, you are not.

Okay. So that wasn't going to happen but maybe the day was a not a total loss. I could make a chocolate cake and fill the house with good vibes. I opened the drawer. Went to retrieve the box of cake mix (I love Betty Crocker - childhood thing) and then I realized that there is no one here to eat this thing but the two of us. The last thing Ken and I need is an extra 5,000 calories added to our diets in the middle of 14 days of forced inactivity. I shut the drawer again.

I emptied the dishwasher. Moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Cocktail time! Went downstairs to the secret stash in search of cranberry juice. Was sure I had some. No luck. Settled on the usual with orange and grapefruit.

By now it was 7 p.m. Time to think about dinner. I made soup two days ago so we can have the leftovers and Ken can finish the chicken wings from last night. So that is taken care of.

Tonight we will continue watching Narcos Season 3. Getting a little tired of Columbia, cocaine and violence. But, a series started, must be finished. (Not true. This only applies to books).

I have every intention of doing better tomorrow. I know that eventually I will awake from the fog of travelling and my energy will return. I will need an outlet to replace walking and going to the shuk. I intend to attack the kitchen.

My motto going forward מכוונת לנקות ולְסַדֵר את המטבח (I intend to clean and organize the kitchen). First on the list is the library shelves full of dishes, pots, pans, bottles and books. I need to remove everything. Wipe down the shelves. Clean all the items and put them back in better order.

Good luck to me.

Stay well!

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