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Day One of Quarantine - היום הראשון לבידוד

Twenty six and half hours have passed since we landed at Ben Gurion. Our original plan was to return next week but our Air France flight was cancelled and it quickly became apparent that we should get home as soon as possible. We were lucky. We took the second to last (fancy English has a word for this - penultimate) flight from JFK to Tel Aviv. After today, many American airlines have suspended service for two weeks - and perhaps more.

We were in the States for work and for a family wedding. We didn't make it to the wedding which is tonight. Mazel Tov and all the best to Julius and Allison. And we went for our annual/semi-annual "stock up on provisions trip". Our friends and families don't for the most part, understand why we would bother schlepping food (mostly) from one side of the world to another. They laugh at how many suitcases we have and shake their heads. The consensus seems to be that we should make-do with what we have, where we have it. But this has been a lifetime practice and we actually like it AND there is no substitute for candied sockeye salmon and Robin Hood flour. I love the practice of going to town and buying 100 pounds of feed for the animals.

That said, this year the schlepping back was supposed to involve other family members that for obvious reasons couldn't make the trip. So we had a double load. And we had a lot of anxiety about the weight of the suitcases until Ken found a scale -thank you Bard Hall for helping us out. We paid the extra baggage fees and reduced our anxiety by a millimeter. Lots left to go around - Was the flight going to go? Would we find a car to take us to JFK? Would people be sick on the plane? Would I be stuck in the middle row with hundreds of Israelis trying to flee the US? Would we be interrogated at the airport? וכו 'וכו' וכו ' (etc.)

The flight was pretty much empty. We were able to lie down. No one bothered us at the airport. Noa and Isaac brought the car (public transit restrictions for returnees). And thanks to N and I and our great neighbors we had food in the house.

Ken unloaded the car. Noa sent us a link to the Ministry of Health Corona Registration. We registered. We sat down, looked at each other and thought what now. We unpacked.

I couldn't sleep last night. Woke up at 3:30 a.m. Managed to lie in bed tossing and turning until 10 to 6. Got up and made coffee. Because of the jet-lag we could not carry on as usual. We have been tag-teaming napping. When I am up Ken is sleeping and vice versa. Luckily we are both awake now.

I made a soup today. (Was in a zone - don't remember what's in it - no recipe) That was a moment of normalcy. Tonight we will watch Narcos, Season 3 on Netflix. I am looking for projects. Cleaning the closets is certainly an option.

I am mostly concerned about staying healthy, running out of coffee and the lack of physical activity. So I have been researching 14 day yoga programs to keep us fit and to boost our spirits and I brought back some extra coffee to make sure we didn't run out. Only sorry I didn't make it to Krispy Kreme.

More tomorrow on Day 2.

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