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Day Four of Quarantine-יום רביעי של בידוד

Starting to recover from the jet lag. Slept from 2-3:30 a.m., read for two hours, got tired and actually managed to fall asleep again. Maybe tonight I can skip the 2-3:30 a.m. part. Bad part - woke up at noon. Now how can I have a cocktail at 6:00 p.m.? That's like drinking at lunch time. Going to have to go halfsies and wait until 7 or 7:30. That counts as late lunch and drinking is perfectly fine at this time in Mediterranean countries.

Well, the kitchen cleaning didn't happen. Probably due to getting up so late. Well, may not. I have to have my wits about me to climb on a ladder and remove heavy pots and clean the shelves . I'm not up do that yet. BUT, I did manage to do something constructive today. In fact, a couple of constructive things.

First, I subscribed to, and actually attended a free webinar from אולפן לעניין (Ulpan La-Inyan). It was fun. I am going to sign up for the crash course and repeat out loud, to myself, the room and the computer, what the instructor says. There is a greater degree of freedom in online than in person. You can mumble by hitting the mute button.

Second, I managed to empty the drawers in the bedroom and sort through the clothes.

Not an easy task for me. I am pretty good with organization in a virtual environment but sometimes containers and stuff in the physical world, defy me. I usually need Ken to come along and help me sort things out. However, today I managed to do it on my own. Now hopefully I can keep it this way.

Third, I washed the leeks and the celery and the zucchini. So happy to see them. Vegetables are my life blood. Now we can have soup. Our dear neighbors Gill and Sol went on a shopping trip for us. We are so grateful for friends even if we can only wave to them through the window.

The last and perhaps the best thing of the day was my phone call with Mom. She is doing well and being smart. She is staying in her apartment and limiting her exposure to everyone - I mean everyone. We have many family members in medical professions and some in essential services who are out on the front lines. As long as this situation prevails Mom will make do with telephone calls. She told me that she kept herself busy today by cleaning and polishing all the silverware. She puts me to shame.

Be well!

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