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Day 8 of Quarantine -יום שמיני של בידוד

Feeling very tired today. Just when I thought I was back in a regular sleep pattern, last night proved me wrong. Don't have much ambition and since it is Shabbat I have allowed myself to binge on HGTV. Every project starts in disaster and within half an hour to 45 minutes, all the problems are resolved. Not only that, but every outcome is the same. Everyone gets an "open concept" main floor, a kitchen island, stainless steel appliances and a "farm" sink which is porcelain and has a front apron.

The idea of having everyone trying to do seven different things in the same room - homework, cooking, watching tv, entertaining - is my idea of a nightmare. What if you don't want to be with everyone, all the time? Where do you go to have some privacy? Doesn't matter. It's what "on trend". So these shows will go on forever. When the homeowners realize that they have just moved into a giant basketball court with the sound echoing in all corners of the house, they will need to remodel. I have to hand it to the television producers. Very good strategy for guaranteeing future work.

So if I feel this way, why do I watch them? Well, it's an easy explanation. I do not have to expend any brain power for the duration of the show. I also have no anxiety about the outcome. Nothing bad happens - or if something bad happens it is fixed by the end of the show - and I get to see some really interesting wallpaper. It's amazing that the crazy, patterned stuff that Nanny had on all the walls, on the light switches and on the ceiling, is back in style.

No cleaning today. Ken and I continued with our yoga. Five minutes into the session and I was sweating. I couldn't help but miss my 18 year old self who was able to do shoulder stands and headstands and stay in the plough position for 45 minutes. Where did she go? I think she is still inside but obviously in spirit alone.

Last night we had a long distance Kiddush for Shabbat. Triangulated among Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, Avi, Isaac, Noa, Ken and I said the blessings and then enjoyed a really nice visit. Avi had to drink wine at 10 a.m. but what the hey. Even if this time of uncertainty, or maybe more importantly in this time of uncertainty, rituals matter.

We have a lot of lettuce. Next time we need to share our order three ways. I eat a lot of vegetables but even I can't manage to eat 7 types of salad greens in a week. If it starts to go bad, I'll make vegetable stock.

Getting a little nervous about the quarantine being over. We are pretty secure in our home and relatively assured that we are not coming into contact with anyone who might be infected. But when the 14 days are over - next Friday - we will walk out into the public space. We don't have any masks or gloves. Will have to make a plan for how often we go out and what we do to protect ourselves. I expect a garlic garland won't do.

The only pictures I have to offer today are pictures of the the pea soup I had for lunch and some bowls. I am a naif, totally fascinated with how food looks in a bowl and how beautiful bowls can be. So forgive me for indulging myself and posting these images on the blog.

Stay well. More productive tomorrow.

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