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Day 6 of Quarantine - יום שישי של בידוד

Doing better. Even though I woke at 3:55 a.m., I managed to not look at Facebook until 4:15. I made one comment on a picture my nephew posted and I was immediately called out by a friend about being up in the middle of the night. I put the phone down and actually went back to sleep. Thank you Marion!

Today has been quiet. Without Sami at home (miss our Sami) we have no one to fuss over and no reason to keep a schedule. Now Ken is getting up too early and I'm sleeping. Two ends of the see-saw.

So I did some work on the kitchen. I am providing photographic evidence to support my claim. I decided that the best method was to take it slowly. As I need to use something on a shelf, I remove it and all its neighbors. Then I wipe down the shelf and clean the stuff and return it to its rightful place. Today I did the glass jug shelf, the wine shelf (other motives involved), the Zaksenberg shelf and the green/yellow shelf (personal choice to organize my bowls by color).

This is not the massive cleanup I imagined but it will get done.

Another accomplishment. Ken and I did a half hour yoga session. It was mostly breathing and relaxing but we intend to continue tomorrow. Maybe we'll get our taxes filed as well.

I am now contemplating making dinner. I took some meat out of the freezer this morning anticipating the dreaded 7:00 p.m. (what are we going to eat?) At 4:00 p.m. it was defrosted and I was in the kitchen hammering it into shape. I'm making schnitzel and it requires very flat, thin pieces. Using that mallet was very satisfying.

In a few minutes I'll check in with Mom. See if she is doing alright.

Hope everyone is well. Stay inside unless your neighbor kindly leaves baked goods at the door (thank you Gill). Then you can get up off the couch and get your exercise retrieving goodies.

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