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Day 5 of Quarantine-יום חמישי של בידוד

Well, I outdid myself last night. 1 a.m. came and went. And then 2 a.m. and then 3 a.m. and then 4 a,m. and then 5 a.m... I read. I did upteen crosswords. I watched 15 year old shows on CBS Reality and finally at 5:30 a.m. I fell asleep. So, I can hear all the silent remarks about being overstimulated. Beds are for sleeping and other things but not reading or watching TV or playing games. But in these very uncertain times, I am more anxious just lying there with my thoughts. Always a Cassandra, I imagine the worst.

So I am turning over a new leaf - or at least trying. I am going to surrender to the idleness and not worry about what time it is. I will get up when I am rested and stay in bed if I need to. I hope I actually run into Ken at some point. He has done quite well, adjusting and keeps normal hours.

Today I have been busy with work. I am banging my head against the wall trying to map a proprietary metadata scheme to Dublin Core. If I lost you on the last sentence, no worries. It is of interest to those who like the stuff. To those who don't, it is like learning advanced pig-latin. Only those speaking it, can decipher the meaning and the frustration.

So, because of work and because I am tired, I didn't do the kitchen - again! I can imagine it may not get done until 3 days before Pesach when I will do it in a mad rush to clean out all the חמץ (hometz).

Speaking of פסח (Pesach). How are we all going to gather for the סדר (seder), the grand סְעוּדָה (feast) where everyone gets a seat next to the person they argued with last year. Given the lockdown, I guess we will have to והוציאנו ממצרים בדרך זום (leave Egypt via the Zoom).

But I did make a soup today. A simpler version of the one I published a while ago. This time, with green split peas. I am using my pressure cooker more. It takes a third of the time of regular methods and if the recipe doesn't need caramelization, it does the trick. It's sous-vide without the bag and the fancy machine.

I am purposely not re-reading La Peste by Camus. It is a metaphor, not a how-to for making it through trying times. Plus, I read it in French in university and that was hard enough.

I love Camus, but everytime something monumental happens in the world, people trot him out for his literary contributions - of which there are many. But for me, he is fundamentally a partisan. A hero of ideas and a proponent and example being sane in an insane time.

I am trying to remain sane. We have extra bananas. In Israel, there is no clue as to whether the banana is ripe. In America, if they are green, they are not ripe and if they are yellow they are ripe and if they are brown, they are overripe. None of those indicators work here. I have found green can be ripe, or not. Brown can be perfectly okay or not. It's a crapshoot. But the wealth of bananas led me (and with Ken's obvious interest) to make a quick banana bread.

We needed walnuts which our dear neighbor kindly bought for us yesterday. So tonight we will have soup and leftover greek salad and banana bread.

Tomorrow I will go back to my metadata work. Hopefully we will start our yoga exercises. We both need to move or we will be stuck to the chairs forever. And tomorrow being Thursday, I will start thinking about Shabbat even though it has been like Shabbat for days now.

I hope everyone is well and holding up during this "interesting time".

Peace Out.

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