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Day 14 of Quarantine - יום י׳׳ד של בידוד

Alls well. Sami is back in formation. Sitting by the table keeping Ken company while he eats his lunch. You never know. Maybe something delicious will magically drop from above.

It has been very hard for us to be home for 14 days and not have our boy. But it was the best thing for him. He got to play with kids and go on walks with his friends everyday. He was a bit anxious when he came home. Shachar delivered him and he cried when he left. To be expected. He has spent a whole month with their family.

But the smell of lunch woke him from his distress and now he is lying on the carpet cleaning himself. Ken gave him a bath when he came home. He now looks like a plush toy.

Tonight after 17:00 we can go outside. We have a plan to sit outside our door across the street from our neighbors and enjoy and drink with them as they sit in their driveway. It may not be perfect but is very relieving to know that we are no longer totally confined indoors.

It is ערב שבת (Erev Shabbat). I am writing this post early before sunset, before our cocktail hour and before the קידוש (Kiddush) which we will do with Noa and Isaac and Avi remotely. We don't have any חלה (challah) this week. I haven't been as enterprising and energetic as Marion. She is amazing. She gets up Friday morning and makes bread. Noa too made bread this week and I bet my Mom did as well. Great role models to have.

But I did squeeze some orange and grapefruit juice. And I made a pomodoro sauce which we will have with our spaghetti and meatballs. Not your usual Shabbat meal but we have an Italian last name. We might as well celebrate it.

I wish everyone this week a healthy and peaceful Shabbat. I send my thoughts out to those who are suffering from the coronavirus and to all those in hospital. To my brother who works in the ER, to my other brother who is helping to organize and prioritize resources for the medical staff, to our nephew who is responsible for the well being of incarcerated men and to our nephew who volunteered for the intubate team, we wish Godspeed.

Shabbat Shalom from Tel Aviv - Ken, Sami and Barb

שבת שלום לכולם מתל אביב.

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