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Day 12 of Quarantine - יום י"ב של בידוד

It was beautiful outside today. The sun was shining and it was 20 C. at 3:00 o'clock. We got a surprise visit from Isaac. He kindly went on a hunt for us for N95 masks and latex gloves. We are preparing to enter the world again. But we are quite wary. It seems as though despite the rulings from the Ministry of Health not all Israelis are following directives. Some are wearing masks etc, when they go to the supermarket, but they are not keeping their distance and they remove their masks with their figures if they get too hot or decide to have a coffee. So, we are preparing for meeting the public but on very limited terms. Shin Bet has permission to track our phones but folks are still going to weddings and sitting on the beach. It may be quite a while before things return to normal and then it will be something quite different from before corona.

Looks like we will have a virtual Seder. I don't know how we will follow the Haggadah since none of us have the same edition. The idea of taking turns reading the story may be hard to realize. I guess we could write our own Haggadah (which we have done in the past) and distribute it to our global guests. Avi for sure will join from L.A. and maybe Robyne and Christian from Santa Monica. Any other takers?

The vegetable stock I made yesterday turned out well. In my euphoria last night I imagined making a big meal with stewed meat and beluga lentils. Well, that idea quickly devolved into stew. Ordinary stew with potatoes and carrots. No exotic flavors. The most adventuresome I managed today, was to add sweet potatoes to the mix.

Please notice the beautiful purple prep bowl. This is part of my Rosti Mepal set you see above. Years ago I bought a set of three white bowls from this Danish company. I used them until they basically fell apart. When we moved to Tel Aviv I decided I wanted some new ones, colorful ones. They weren't easy to find. At some point American kitchen stores stopped carrying the brand. I found them on - guess. Your are right, Amazon. I snatched them up as fast as I could type.

Thinking that I it would be a long time till I made it to Denmark, I treated them very prudently. But in 2014 Avi and Isaac and I made a trip to Berlin. We were in the midst of yet another engagement (war) with Gaza. We fled to Germany for relief. We stayed in Kreutzenberg and managed to pretend we didn't see all the anti-Israeli posters. We drank a lot of beer. Ate currywurst and found an incredible kitchen store with all sorts of Rosti Mepal items. I restrained myself and bought only 3 storage containers. I should have bought more. The company has changed its colors and the products are now available only in pastels and shapes I do not fancy. Ahh, it is the same thing with lipstick. Find a shade you like and they discontinue it.

We are watching The Spy with Sasha Baron-Cohen. He is very convincing as Eli Cohen and its is both fascinating and extremely sad. It doesn't turn out well. Last night we saw an episode that reenacts his visit to the Golan in 1961 or 1962. It is eerie. We watched him walk through Syrian underground bunkers that we have since visited and are now on the Israeli side of the border. They have dinner in Q'anettra which today is a bombed out site. A site that I visited in 1974. Watching the show is a strange replay.

The stew is almost done. Thanks to Isaac and Noa and our neighbors, Gill and Sol we are resupplied with groceries. We will go downstairs and watch Netflix, which reduced its streaming quality to accommodate the increased demand, and so the feed sometimes freezes.

Today I learned that a colleague, Maurice Berger, died yesterday in New York from the Coronavirus. He was just 63 years old and a brilliant light in the art world that has now been silenced. I also learned that a good friend's brother in Jerusalem is experiencing an extremely serious medical problem. I also learned that the creator of Asterix, Albert Uderzo, passed.

We are living in strange times.

So tonight we will eat our stew and see what news comes tomorrow. Hopefully it is less grim. We hope everyone is taking care.

Be well.

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