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Day 11 of Quarantine - יום אחד-עשר של בידוד

Slim pickings in the kitchen. After Ken and I did a quick cleanup of the damaged sukkah and the bedroom מרפםת (balcony), I went downstairs to the freezer - which I think I bragged about on Day 2 and lamented the end of our chicken supply on Day 8 or so - to get something to make for dinner.

I dug around and found a lot of frozen vegetables, a half a turkey, some Beyond Meat veggie burgers - which we save for Noa - and some solid hunks of mystery meat. I am exaggerating. The content of the meat packages is not entirely a mystery to me but it might as well be. It is totally uninspiring. I brought the stuff upstairs anyway hoping that an idea would pop into my head in the time it takes to climb a flight of stairs.

In ordinary days - pre-corona- I would go to the shuk and find some amazing vegetables and then add whatever protein seems to complement them. The variety is really hard to imagine. Vegetables first. I realize that this is the inverse of what many people do - like my Mom.

When I grew up, Mom decided on the meat first, the starch next and then vegetables - always a cooked vegetable and a salad. None of this British "main and two veg". We were Canadian. We have "main, starch and two veg".

I usually only ate the sides. Not sure why. I actually really like chicken and meat and fish but we were six people and my brothers and my father more or less lunged at the "main". I wasn't going to compete with that. Half the time I ate toast and honey.

So here I am, all these years later, repeating my childhood routines. So not necessary. Working on this.

Today, many of the lettuces we got in our delivery from the farm, started to seriously wilt. Following my own advice I am making vegetable stock to use in a soup of a stew tomorrow. In the picture the lettuce looks perfectly good, but trust me, it is beyond the salad stage.

Tomorrow I will probably use the mystery meat that I brought upstairs this afternoon and jammed back in behind the ice cubes. It will all work out if I remember to take it out of the freezer to defrost in the morning.

I am thinking along the lines of beluga lentils with slow stewed meat and rice. That will give me an excuse to make raita out of the remains of my labane. If that works out, I will publish the recipe.

-btw- I have found that making your own vegetables stock requires a healthy dose of salt and sugar in order for it to have any taste at all. Aha - you say. That's not cool. The fact is, no matter how much salt and sugar you add to your homemade stock you will never reach the astronomical amount of sodium and sugar in the commercial stuff - or so I keep telling myself. In any event, I know that I didn't add a bunch of stabilizers and chemical preservatives that I can't even pronounce.

Tonight Ken is on his own, He will grill his own hamburgers. We will share a salad and maybe, just maybe, I will have a fried egg.

Stay well. Contact your friends.

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