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Day 10 of Quarantine-- יום עשירי של בידוד

After days of sitting at the computer trying to solve the unsolvable - or what to me seems unsolvable - I reached out to a professional colleague for help. I am loathe to do this, not because I am afraid of revealing my own weaknesses (though that may be part of it) but mostly because I feel it is a burden to ask others for help for something I think I should be able to do. Well, I couldn't do it. I was making myself crazy. And after talking with my colleague, 7 hours away, I learned that what I was trying to do was in fact, not doable and another approach will have to be taken. AND he has so kindly offered to help me with it. Whew...

What a relief. In celebration I sat down to write this post - another hour sitting at the computer, but well worth it. These posts are helping me to cope through the quarantine. Saying things out loud, so to speak, stops the ruminating. Yea, I did something. I got rid of some of the nervous energy.

We can't go outside into the world (duh) but we can go outside. We are very lucky to be living in a house with three מרפסות פרטיות (private outdoor spaces). Our front door opens onto a small courtyard where we can put the bikes and be inside private space before we actually enter the house.

When I first saw the property, the feeling I had when I walked inside, sealed the deal. I was charmed immediately and despite a lot of the drawbacks (not going to list them) it makes living here pretty special.

We don't have room for a table but we managed to put one upstairs on the top floor. A very heavy round moroccan tile table that I wanted and I fell in love with. Moving the table to the roof required a מנוף (translates to crane but really it looks like an automated ladder). So if we ever want to move it to another floor or move out, the מנוף will have to come back.

So, even though it is not entirely convenient our outside eating space is three floors up from the kitchen. With the help of guests (they all know who they are) we have schlepped dishes and glasses and food to the top and back down again. The last big event was Sukkot. We built a sukkah decorated it. We ate there several times during the holiday. Shortly after, it began to rain very heavily and we closed and locked the door and never really did a proper cleanup. As is evident in the picture, the lulav is still sitting on the table and the sukkah walls are in tatters. The olive tree and the rosemary need water and the whole place needs an overhaul. Even the fairy lights are still hanging from the ceiling. Amazing, considering the wind storms that have torn through here.

We also have a large space outside our bedroom. At first I thought this was ideal because it was secluded and a mature lemon tree and a mature olive tree were already in place. I moved a lot of plants onto this floor and soon realized that the sun was way too intense to comfortably sit outside. We put up an umbrella in one corner and that made the plants happy. So they thrived and the view from the bedroom window it quite nice.

I made a little reading nook for myself and was going to put up the hammock for Isaac who loves to swing while he reads. It was all good except פתאום (out of nowhere) I hear very loud arguing on the telephone. It seems our neighbors do not have an office or they prefer not to use it and like to conduct on their business on the מרפסת (balcony) right above our heads.outside. I have tried to outwit them by going out at random hours but no matter when I go out, within minutes they are right there with me. I have pretty much resigned myself to this and only use this space rarely. I do not have the native Israelis' ability to ignore all noise and keep going. I am a product of my upbringing in a country with a very low population density. I like distance. This country is a challenge for me.

So back to quarantine. It is getting old. But I have to say, the quiet suits me well in some ways. At least for the next few days I can putter around and feel quite assured that I will not be disturbed. AndI am giving me professional troubles a few days to rest before I return to metadata.

Tomorrow I will pull down the remnants of the old sukkah and clean up the upstairs. I Will remove all the dead leaves and water the dry plants and be thankful that I can go outside and enjoy the sunshine. So many have much less.

Be well. There is a future and it is not all dark.

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