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Avoiding the Sea - הימנעות מהים

Every year we insist that we will not spend another August in Israel and every year, one way or another, we spend at least 2 weeks, sometimes the whole month here. It is bloody hot and humid and sometimes impossible to go outside.

The weather forecast is deceiving. It says it is 32°C. IPhone says it feel like 35°C. Accuweather says it feel like 38°C. The Israeli sites don't even attempt to tell you how it feels.

We live very close to the sea - a ten minute walk. But at the height of the day, between 11a.m. and 4p.m., when it would be the most reviving, I don't even dare to go to the beach.

There are several good and not so great reasons for this: number one reason - all my water will be gone by the time I get there and I will be forced to pay 10 nis for what amounts to a swallow. Second, I will have to schlep an umbrella and towels and of course food, since no one goes anywhere without food. Lastly, no one wants to go with me in August. Too many tourists, too much noise and even the Arktiq ice cream man stays at home.

I love the sea and it hurts me to stay away. But I have had some incidents where I feel fine and not especially thirsty and then all of a sudden I am dizzy and have heat stroke. So in the month of August I drink juice all day. It is better than water because it has some nutrients and some sugar. My current favorite is watermelon, kiwi and mint.

I have been advised to add cucumbers, but I eat so many cucumbers I don't think I will. Besides, cucumbers are now added to my G&T in the evening.

The good news is that our clothing needs have been drastically reduced. I can wear shorts and a tank top and flip flops everyday. Never need to break out long pants or a shirt. Dresses are good. They allow the air to flow, but they are reserved for restaurants.

All this puts me in a dilemma. Comfort or style? While I am busying avoiding the sea, I am preparing for a business trip to New York. I may actually have to wear shoes that aren't sneakers and I may have to pack more than a carry-on. I will of course, make myself presentable and I will eye with envy all the new fashions in the stores. But I will also remind myself that it is my mind that needs to be sharp and that presentable is good enough. I love New York but I think I have lost the need to compete there. I am grateful to have work and especially library and museum work. I am grateful to be able to stay connected to the city, but I am also grateful that I have time to be myself.

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