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Finally, I Did It - עשיתי את הצגה בהצלחה

סוף סוף אחרי כמה לילות בלי שינה לפני הצגה, הצלחתי להציג מול הכיתה הפרזנטציה שלי על בישול בארץ. עשיתי את הכל בעברית. הייתי מסוגלת לדבר ולהפגין באותו הזמן. נס גדול קרה

Last week I gave a presentation to my class on Cooking In Israel. Well, that was the title anyway.

I had planned to talk about the history of Israeli food - or more precisely, on the evolution of eating habits in Israel. It took only 30 seconds to realize that I did not have the vocabulary or the strength to do a decent job of it and that my skills in Hebrew are not now, and perhaps will never be agile and nuanced.

I put together a PowerPoint in Hebrew. Yay me. That was a major challenge. Getting everything to work was maddening. The paragraph alignment function is not built for reading right to left.

So, after struggling I finally managed to get a slide show together and a put a few points on the page.

Two weeks earlier we had to publish our topics. My friend Loay said he was looking forward to eating the food at the end of the presentation. It never occurred to me to actually give a demonstration instead of talking - yak, yak, yak. So at the last minute - literally the night before at midnight- I decided to take some פטרוזיליה (parsley), שעורה מבושלת (cooked pearl barley), נענע (mint), שאלוט (shallots), גרגרי רימון (pomegranate seeds), מלח (salt), לימון (lemon) and שמן זית (olive oil) to make my version of טבולה (tabouleh) - or rather a variation of Ottolenghi's variation of a middle-eastern standard.

At 2 a.m. I put together my cooking אוצר מילים (vocabulary) to present to the class. Forgot to include half the words.

Next morning I get up early, discover that my pomegranate is bad and I have to go in search of new piece of fruit. Found on רחוב אילת (Eilat Street) at 8:05. Hurry to class.

Wanted very much to pull off the slick presentation, No such luck. I stumbled and mumbled but managed to get out a few points. I was losing them until I brought out the food. I enlisted a friend - Kelsey pictured above- to pull the seeds out of the pomegranate. I put the dish together. Described my actions in Hebrew. Forgot to use all the prep words I had rehearsed.

הסלט היה טעים מאוד (The salad was very tasty) or so I am told. Nothing left to take home. Loay was happy. Next day he asked me what I was making for the class today.

Small success but a very important one for me. To be able to express my interest in parsley with passion has been a goal for along time. A humble herb that is pretty much a decoration outside the levant but perhaps the most versatile and beautiful plant I can imagine. קייל (kale) should be very jealous.

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