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Diversity - גיוון

Sami and I are alone in Tel Aviv. Isaac has started classes in Jerusalem. Avi is leading a tour in the Old City. Ken is in New York.

It is a surreal experience watching the election unfold on MSNBC (no choices here). I have no one to share my comments with - save Sami, who does not have a lot to say or a strong opinion on the matter.

I voted in the Israeli election. I very much wanted to participate in active democracy in Israel, despite the fact that many colleagues and friends in the US thought it was a farce. But I voted nonetheless because I believe that the more voices the better.

I didn't vote in the election today. My vote will not carry Clinton. Afterall, New York is New York.

I have been dismayed by the number of posts supporting Trump I have received from sources I normally respect. I have kept quite mum about it but now that the day is here, I feel I need to speak.

I am a Jew and a Zionist (whatever flavor you would like to choose on the spectrum of Idealist---Racist), but I do not believe that the only consideration in the world what is prima facie good for us. I love Israel. I love New York and I am actually quite attached to America. But I do not want a world where everything is sacrificed so we can survive. We will survive and thrive, regardless.

More importantly I do not want a world that is all the same flavor. I like diversity. It is what drives humanity and whose lack, drives me to distraction when I read about the hive mind on social media and on university campuses. Clearly we can come together to tip our hat at the "other" and to speak our minds.

Sami and I are supporting "think for yourself". Drop the pose. Build, don't destroy.

#גיוון #diversity

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