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אני בתלנית - Idling

I love the sea and I love to sit and let the waves out-roar the thoughts in my head. The noise and the wind make me calm. But the summer heat has been brutal for months and since the end of May it has been impossible to be outside in the middle of the day.

Very rarely, to get some relief I go to the beach. It is no more than a ten minute walk but I am usually soaked in sweat by the time I get there and my water bottle (big water bottle) is empty because I have used up my supply on the way there. Staying more than an hour is not advised.

The weather has caused me to seek refuge on the מרפסת (balcony) in the early morning and in the evening, the hour before sunset. I thought that if I could relax outside and get my fill of "downtime" I would be more productive during the day when I am more or less forced to be inside.


I have absolutely turned into a sloth. In the past few months the heat and the sun are encouraging me to be non-productive, to read more books for pleasure, to stare at my garden and to slow down. This is very hard for someone who always has a project and is always planning the next one. But I am learning to forgive myself for not wanting to "push it" every minute of every day.

Idleness can be good for the soul and it has vastly improved my Hebrew.

#telaviv #summer #תלאביב #קיץ #חום

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