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Lexicon Herbis Part II - אוֹצָר מִילִים עשבי תבול - חלק ב׳

It is always dangerous to make an announcement of a new project - at least for me this is the case. The announcement often means that the project is delayed, or worse. In this case I have no one to blame but myself. With the best of intentions I started weeks ago and then - boom - life interferes and nothing gets done. I am just now returning to thinking seriously about how I go about doing this work.

Should I spend energy on picking the right tool to keep track of the entries or should I focus on hunting down new and exotic plants? Should I reference all the other work out there - include links and references and citations. Should I state cautions and warning about the plants? On and on goes the mind of a professional librarian. I am trying hard not to over formalize the process and remember that in the end I am doing this because it fascinates me and gives me pleasure.

So...I wanted to share two of the posters that started me down this path. There may be thousands of them out there, hanging on the walls of classroom - faded, outdated and holding on by static electricity.

ירקות ארצנו - Vegetables of Our Land. Not attractive, not appetizing and hardly representative. So unrepresentative that it has never been the focus of any discussion in any class I have had in ulpan. Totally ignored.

פירות ארצנו - Fruits of Our Land. Somewhat less faded but still disappointing and still not discussed in any class I have taken.

I have been staring at these posters on and off for three and half years wondering why no one talks about them, especially in a country that is obsessed with buying food, cooking food, eating food and arguing about food. Surely one would think that of all the things that are important to learn in the process of integrating into a new life, there might be some attention paid to the stuff of everyday life. I'll stop ranting now since one of the major lessons learned after moving here is "that's the way it is". You want it to be different - make it happen.

So with that in mind, I am continuing. First entry will be ACAI berries. Stay tuned.

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