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Hametz - חמץ

In Israel many stores and small restaurants close for the whole week of פסח (Passover). This way they do not need to clean out all the חמץ (Hametz - food and products that contain ingredients not kosher for Passover). If you want to stay open then it is an arduous task to remove everything. It is also expensive. Stores must be moved offsite, everything must be segregated and/or disposed. etc.

For many merchants closing is not an option. If you are operating a large supermarket then customers need to have access to fresh products like milk and eggs and vegetables. The solution here is to place large sheets of plastic or paper over the non-kosher-for-Passover goods and pretend they are not there. Customers cannot cheat and take something from under the plastic and purchase it. Well maybe you can take it, but you can't pay for it.

In any event it is one of the more interesting sites to be seen during this holiday week.

Today Avi and I were in שוק לוינסקי (Shuk Levinsky) at a kitchen store than was going out of business. We thought we might find something interesting. All the good stuff was gone. So we went in search of lunch and most of the restaurants were closed. But a funky cafe tucked into an alley was doing a brisk business, so we decided to sit down.

שוק לוינסקי (Shuk Levinsky) is now totally hip. But among all the dreadlocks and tattoos there are still small stores that have been there for at least 50 years. Most of these are "fashion" outlets.

While eating צ׳יפס אמריקני (American fries) I sat facing an outlet of the sort above. They too had covered up their חמץ (Hametz) for Passover. Interesting take on the usefulness of garbage bags.

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