• ברקט


Only crazy people travel half way across the world to go to a spice store when they have the best spice stores available to them in Israel - yes and no.

There is no where is the world like Kalystyans. I couldl perhaps live there.

Fifteen years ago it was a small store front with dried fruit, bulk grains and spices, olive oil and tinned products from Syria and Pakistan, Ghee and metal pots from India. Today it has expanded into a market that sources its goods from every corner of the planet. Dried fruit and nuts which are at the front of the store are now a very small section and have been replaced by a large and attractive selection of cook book and history books from India, North Africa, The Middle East, Pakistan, Greece, Armenia, Iran........

....and Mexico. Chilis, chilis, more chilis and maize.

Latest wall of desire.

#spice #shuk #chilis #newyork

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