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The Zaksenberg Files התיק של זקסנברג

יצחק זקסנבג

בד בבד עם ייצור הנשק המציא זקסנברג את מסחטת ההדרים העברית הראשונה‏[2], שנודעה מאז גם

כ"מסחטת זקנסברג". תהליך ההמצאה הארוך כלל ייצור דגמים רבים, ובסופו נרשם פטנט על המוצר בשנת 1931‏[3]. תוך זמן קצר, התברר כי מסחטת ההדרים של זקסנברג בולטת בטיבה ובעלת תכונות מובחרות, ומאז נודעה כהמצאה ישראלית בולטת בתחום המכניקה. לאחר מותו המשיכה משפחתו בייצור ובשיווק המסחטה שהמציא‏[4]. זקסנברג גם נודע בממטרות שלו‏[5]. בשנת 1936 זקסנברג היה

.פעיל בהתאחדות הממציאים‏[6], התארגנות קצרת מועד של בעלי הפטנטים בארץ ישראל

In 1924 inventor/engineer יצחק זקסנברג (Isaac Zaksenberg) immigrated with his family from Poland during the 4th Aliyah and soon became a successful indulstrialist. Zaksenberg owned a foundry and produced water pumps, irrigation infrastructure and weapons for the Hagannah in Mandate Palestine. However, his most important invention, as far as I am concerned is the Zaksenberg Juice Presser. Known simply as the זקסנברג Zaksenberg.

Now anyone who has come to our house knows that I am totally enamored with my Zaksenberg. When citrus fruit is in season I use it daily. I clean it with love and keep it in pristeen condition. It is a verty strong machine and unlike other juicers that we have owned, it is built for a workout - 8 hours a day, every day.

It can squeeze grapefruit, pomegranates, and essentially all citrus fruit. It is my standby and it is omnipresent at parties. This is because I do love a Greyhound (vodka and citrus juice) and nothing could make me happier than seeing this gorgeous juice drip into a cup.

Fruit in Israel is plentiful but it does not last long on the shelf. It must be consumed quickly. So during citrus season and especially during blood organge season, Greyhounds are on the menu.

Most visitors to Israel have seen a Zaksenberg. They are everywhere in the shuk and outside the shuk there is a juice stand every 50 meters. The Zaksenberg is the choice tool of the trade.

We bought ours in יפו (Yafo-Jaffe) at the שוק הפשפתים (Flea Market). Next to the market is the kitchen supply vendors - similar to the Bowery in NYC. I wanted a green one like the vendors in the shuk. It comes in a variety of colors and wasn't having a red or orange one. I wanted the real thing.

Many visitors who come here want to take one home and they are available for purchase from abroad. And while I admire their enthusiasm the juicer is like a camera. It is an excellent machine but without the proper input, it does not produce the quality that one seeks.

If someday your find yourself craving fresh juice, invest in a Zaksenberg, airmail cirtrus from Florida and enjoy!


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