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Insanely addicted to pickles קבוצת יבנה

I am not ready to write about the shooting on Dizengoff. I am not frightened but I am sad and I cannot put into words what I feel about the situation, so I will write about something ridiculous and happy in the meantime.

When I was a child my mother would make kosher pickles. In my small world this meant cucumbers with salt and coriander and garlic and water. No vinegar allowed. I always thought that dill pickles or pickles in vinegar were taboo. It wasn't until I was an adult till I realized the vinegar was forbidden because it was not kosher for פםח Pesach (Passover) and instead of making two batches, my mother made one that could be used all year round. - fyi: vinegar is fermented and therefore not permissible on Passover.

Later in life - the middle part - I lived in New York where kosher pickles are pickles in brine (salt) like my mother's. It never occurred to me that there could be delicious and healthy and KOSHER pickles that live in a can and are made vinegar.

Fast forward to Tel Aviv, 2016. I am insanely addicted to Israeli pickles. Now some smart *&*)) may say that they are Palestinian pickles because "sour" incredients have always been included in middle eastern dishes. But truth be told a lot of those dishes were invented by Jewish women trying to work around the laws of Kashrut (כשרות) in a word that was not amicable or event tolerant of Jewish dietary law.

In Israel pickles, like חריף (hot sauce, hot peppers) are free with everything - with sabich, whith shwarma, with falafel, with bourekas, with humus, with ful. They are the little extra that makes the food sing.

Kvutzat Yavne קבוצת יבנה is the name of a company that grows, packs and produces pickles for the commercial market. Everytime I buy a can I think of my dear friend Rachel Mosco who worked in the factory and packed these cans when living on the kibbutz. Thank you Rachel.

I learned recently that fermented foods like pickles are excellent for digestion, so I feel righteous eating these daily. When I come home at noon I eat a whole can in one sitting. What's the point otherwise.

Today I bought two cans and ate one as soon as I hit the kitchen. I thought about being afraid and thought better of it. I spoke to Avi this evening and he said that he was able to get a table for lunch at אבו חאסן עלי קרוון (Abu Hassan Ali Karavaan) in יפו (Yaffo). This is unheard of. Tel Avivim will not be deterred from their enjoyment of ife, but they may be a little more cautious.

Be safe out there.

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