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Yesterday and Today הבדלים

היום יום שישי. וביום השישי עשה יי את

השמיים ואת הארץ

Today is 1-1-2016 and it is a Friday. In Hebrew Friday is Yom Shishi יום שישי or the sixth day and it is abbreviated as Yom Vav יום ו׳ - Vav being the sixth letter of the alphabet.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was also the last day of 2015. It was calm and sunny in the afternoon. An endless autumn.

Late last night the wind began to pick up. The weather forcast at the beginning of the week predicted rain but the storm we expected didn't materialize till last night after dark.

Today on the first day of 2016 there is marked difference. The sea is incredibly rough. I tried to take a picture with my phone when we were at the farmers market at the Namal but I only succeeded in getting myself wet and having a salt water face wash.

Luckily for me I have my own personal photographer Ken who can use any camera and create a remarkable image. So I sent my brave husband to the edge of the sea and asked him to stand in the face of the wind and do some magic. He captured some wonderful images and came back very wet.

I hope the pictures in this post give sense of the drama.

Last night people all over the world celebrated the separation, the contrast, the difference between what was and what we hope will be.

This is a important ritual. It gives us perspective and hope.

In Israel I feel very lucky because every week there is a separation between what was and what will be. Each יום שישי the stores close a few hours before sundown. Most people go home and prepare themselves for Shabbat שבת - not necessarily a religious Shabbat - but a day that is different. A day to consider something other than everyday concerns. It is a family time, it is time to reflect and to enjoy oneself and perhaps a time to pray or at least consider the possibilities of a better world. I know I am suffering a bit from the "pathetic fallacy", nonethless I am glad it was sunny yesterday and it is stormy today.

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