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Excessive Force

Television in Israel is abysmal. When there is no more money to be made in the American and British syndicates, networks exchange shows across the pond and run them on less than prime channels. When networks can no longer syndicate shows to each other, they move to the Asian, African and finally the third world market.

Israel gets the brunt end of all of these streams. Recenly out of deseperation I have been watching every flavor of CSI, NCIS and odd miniseries from Australia (circa 2004-5). When that isn't on I am stuck with all the design shows made in Canada. I know the Canadian real estate market very well - especially the neighborhoods of Toronto and Missasauga.

What all these shows and what every action movie I have seen or read about in the past decade have in common is excessive force. When law enforcement (any variety) approach a situation, all the guns are out and they shoot to kill. When chasing a suspect if the suspect doesn't stop, they shoot to kill. If anyone of the characters are home and the doorbell rings, they answer the door with the gun drawn.

Okay, okay. That's network TV but what about all the fantasy and sci-fi series that Netflix lets you binge on. Well they have a lot of killing and slaughering. Throats ripped out. Swords are drawn to slay the enemy. Lightning flashing from the fingers of one un-dead character to destroy another. And on and on.

I understand Halo 5 and Call of Duty are also very popular.

Violence is very entertaining especially when there is nothing at stake. You are not in danger, no one you care about is in danger. As a character you are skilled in martial arts and can choreograph your moves to disable your opponent (if you want) or kill him/her if you prefer. There is time to think, to stand up again and play again. No aftermath. Hair still in place,

But of course, in real life it is never like this. There is no time to deliberate. You act and there are consequences for everyone involved. Often you save a life, sometimes many.

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