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Ken and the Streets of Beit She׳an

Walking around the ancient city of בית שאן (Beit She'an). Thursday morning, There are three other visitors to the park.

Many years ago Ken went to Pompei and spent a very hot day photographing the ruins. Two years later we made the same mistake and went in August. Pompei is hard to describe. You can feel the presence of the people who once lived there and died so tragically.

​Perhaps all ancient cities excude this aura. But watching Ken descend the steps from the promenade into the amphitheater with his camera and watching him once again balancing on the edge of some precipice to get a shot, took me back to that hot August day in Italy.

Ancient ruins in Israel often predate the רומאים (Romans) but then of course they were here for quite awhile and they left their mark. Beautiful constructions, mosaics and of course temples. Beit She'an is more than a little like Pompei.

​.....and Beit She'an has a Tel - תל בית שאן. Standing above the ancient ruins is a grassy hill that was first excavated in 1921-22 by the University of Pennsylvania Museum. According to the Wikipedia article on Beit She'an, in 1933 a "deep cut" was made into the hill and it was established that there had been continuous settlement since the Early Bronze Age (3200 BC).

It is impossible to describe these places in words that do them justice. They must be visited. I am not a historian and know less about archeology but I do know that preserving these ancients sites is important work and must be continued and shared. I hope there are enough historians and anthropologists is the world who appreciate how much is gained when there is open exchange.

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