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New Year's Eve - סילווסטר

Tomorrow I will be going to the Port of Tel Aviv נמל תל אביב and doing the rounds at the farmer’s market. It will be a Thursday like any other. The fact that it is December 31st and the end of the year everywhere else has little bearing on the Israeli workweek or the general mood of the city.

​ But I will be thinking about New York.

In Israel, New Year is known as Sylvester – named for the beatified Greek Orthodox Pope Sylvester. סילווסטר- but secretly I believe it was named for my favorite cartoon character Sylvester the Cat.

It is celebrated in many Russian families and many of the clubs will be booming out the techno music because it is Thursday and because it is another reason to party.

In any event, the sun will shine or it will rain but it will not be New York. And for the first time in three years I am feeling a bit nostalgic. I was warned that three years is the max on the honeymoon period. After three years all the new stuff is not so new and the bureaucracy has hit its height. There is no good aluminum foil and the cereal choices are abysmal. There is clearly a feeling of being lost, of one’s identity changing and floating between what was and what will be.

I am not often so wistful. And I am assured that the wave of nostalgia will soon go away and I will emerge from this period less naïve and a full-fledged fluent Hebrew speaker (I wish). But I believe in challenges and in change – especially change. So I will buy the vegetables, wash them and put them in the refrigerator so that there will be something to eat on Shabbat (God forbid we go hungry); and I will carry on.

At 6:00 am I will get up and wait for 7 a.m. when the ball will fall in Times Square. I think I’ll pass on the montage of partying in LA and Vegas. But I might have a cocktail. Probably not a martini but maybe Arak.

The Best to All of You out there and especially to Sylvester.

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