• ברקט

Stam סְתָם

סְתָם (stŭm)
adjective: mere; just like that
adverb: just pretending; generally

In the late spring of 2012 our family was in transition. Avi was coming from Tel Aviv for an extended visit to New York and Vancouver. Isaac was planning to leave California and head off to Israel in the fall to start a new work/study program. Ken's studio lease in Red Hook was ending and we would finally have to face sorting and disposing of the accumulation of wet lab equipment and outdated technology that had been stored since the business closed. I had recently retired after a wonderful twelve year tenure at The New York Public Library. With so much freedom and so many possibilities open to me, I was hesitant to commit to one and get right back on the horse. ​

One evening Isaac mentioned very casually that he had been thinking a lot about the upcoming year. He said he was glad to be able to spend time in the same place as his brother since eight years had passed since they both lived in New York. And he had been wondering if he was going to be in Israel, then maybe we would go as well. It may be the best opportunity - maybe the only opportunity for the four of us to spend another year together.

In that moment, the world changed. I cannot speak for Ken, but from the very first mention, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I was in. So with a very short window we decided to rent the house (which of course turned into a four month saga), pack our bags and leave our beloved Perry Street.

We came סְתָם for year. Life here is anything but סְתָם - and we haven't left yet.

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