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Grammar is not always the first consideration

בעמצעות בדיקדוק נכון לא תמיד הכי חשוב בתוך השיח אבל. זה עזור להבנה

In an attempt to not suffer too badly from writer's block I have decided that grammar will not be my first consideration when writing this blog. I have spent far too many hours, days, months, of my life editing papers and presentations to meet reasonably high standards of English grammar. Tossing all that out the window.

That said, grammar is not the last consideration. I do love the Oxford comma. I am illiterate when it comes to emoji language and textese. I prefer real words that are spelt correctly and I am thrilled when a writer includes a citation. I do my best to check the source, the date and the context. Doing this imperfectly.

Old fashioned - yes.

But....and it's a big but (ha ha)....I am saddened by the number of articulate, well educated and intellectually influential people that seem to have drunk the kool-aid and spin nonsense in beautifully composed prose. So while I respect the language and the ability to use it, I will keep my skeptic hat on for awhile longer.

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