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My paternal grandfather, Samuel (Shmuel) Kassen z"l, was a very religious man and a very stubborn man. He chain smoked filterless cigarettes even during meals. And like my father, who also chain smoked, he insisted that he wasn't addicted. But on Monday, Thursday and Saturday he abstained from smoking altogether since on those days the פרשה (Parashah - weekly section from the  from the Torah) is read. He fasted on every יום טוב (Holy Day), which I believe is not required but he had been raised in this tradition and even though he fled the old world, he never really left it behind....


When I walk through the shuk I usually think about what I want I need - always garlic and always chili and always onions and always parsley and thyme and cilantro. Often I go with no idea what I am going to cook and I rely on the day's bounty. What products are calling my name - Barb, pick me - and what products look so sad that they need to be used up. 

But sometimes I food associate. I see a product and I am immediately transported to an event or a memory. And sometimes, the site of a vegetable makes me think of someone I know. When I see Jerusalem artichokes of think of my friend Marion who loves them...


Perhaps soup is not my favorite topic but it certainly seems to crop up quite a bit. It's food - and I suppose I am guilty of talking about food all the time. In fact I think about it all the time. What am I going to eat for lunch? What are we going to eat for dinner? What' left in the house? What do I need? Why do I have to have to make 3 trips to 4 stores to find the stuff I need for some simple dish? Why was I disappointed with the food at the last dinner party...וכו 'וכו'.

Soup comes up so often because I make it so often. There are virtually no tinned soups in Israel. There are frozen soups and there are...

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Soup - מרק

September 13, 2019

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