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It is nearing the end of the month of אלול (Elul) and ראש השנה (Rosh Hashanah) is fast approaching. We are meant to use this month to reflect on the previous year. The things we have done right. The things we have not done right. The hurt we have caused, intentionally and unintentionally. We are bound to acknowledge our actions and make efforts to seek forgiveness. 

For some it is a very difficult month. It is full of sadness and regret. I do feel these emotions but I also feel a great deal of relief and anticipation. The summer is over! We made it through August and a new year is about to begin. 

In the שוק (...


I am making a mushroom and leek soup for Shabbat dinner. The leeks are bit tough but good enough for my purposes. The mushrooms are beautiful. 

I took a picture with my phone (the only camera I have) of the mushrooms and leeks sautéeing in the pot. As usual I got a great shot of the steam and it's hard to see what's in the pot. I make soup a lot - I mean a lot. Maybe two or three times a week. I can only eat so much סלט קצוץ (pronounced -salat hatzutz) - ubiquitous Israeli salad of chopped cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. But the vegetables call out to me from the tables at the  שוק (Shuk) ...touch me, buy me,...

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Soup - מרק

September 13, 2019

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