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Gathered from markets around the city.

Today I have a class at 6 p.m. If I eat before class I will feel drowsy. If I don't eat, I'll get a headache. So it is a balancing act. When to eat? How much to eat? What to eat? And how do I avoid drinking three cups of instant coffee and twenty cookies to make it until 9:15. How did this get so complicated? Why is there no real coffee after 6 pm?

I always imagined that when I retired from the library, doing chores would be easier because I would not be jamming them in at the end of the work day. I thought it would be a snap to make a doctor's appointment because my dayt...


For those of you living "outside" of Israel" בחו'ל, or as some call it, the real world, the public discourse and the persistent media obsessions are seriously disparate from our local Israeli day to day chatter. Surprisingly enough, or not, only a fraction of Americans here are glued to their televisions watching Senate Hearings. Not every serious conversation in English is centered around the the state of American/British/Canadian/Australian...politics. And not every French national in Neve Tzedek is preoccupied with Macron's every move and/or the capture of the helicopter bandit. 

יש לנו טירוף משלו

We h...

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Soup - מרק

September 13, 2019

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