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סוף סוף אחרי כמה לילות בלי שינה לפני הצגה, הצלחתי להציג מול הכיתה הפרזנטציה שלי על בישול בארץ. עשיתי את הכל בעברית. הייתי מסוגלת לדבר ולהפגין באותו הזמן. נס גדול קרה

Last week I gave a presentation to my class on Cooking In Israel. Well, that was the title anyway.

I had planned to talk about the history of Israeli food - or more precisely, on the evolution of eating habits in Israel. It took only 30 seconds to realize that I did not have the vocabulary or the strength to do a decent job of it and that my skills in Hebrew are not now, and perhaps will never be agile and nuanced. 

I put together a Power...


I am having a hard time trying to find the right words to describe the "long night" I have been experiencing for the past few months. 

There was a tremendous amount of excitement and anxiety and anticipation around Thanksgiving - some of the details shared in my last post - and for the few days after the party I was tired, but very content. 

Then came the realization, like a ton of bricks landing on my head, that the days were noticeably growing shorter and the light was disappearing. Well, DUH. From the end of November until the winter solstice the number of daylight hours do in fact decrease and for those wh...

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Soup - מרק

September 13, 2019

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