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I grew up in a "hub" household in a hub city. Our immediate family - cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents - was very small compared to most of my friends and especially my Jewish friends. The holidays religious and secular, were always hosted at our house because my Aunt could never get it together. And to be fair, everyone preferred my mother's cooking over hers, so why should she bother.

My father worked in a small Jewish department store. He did everything -sell, buy, manage, the books. You name it, he took care of it. When Travellers (wholesale representatives) were in town from Montreal or Winnipeg Dad w...


In the lyrics of the title song from the 1967 film "To Sir With Love", Lulu sings "How can you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume..."

The film and the song were very popular. The single played on the radio day and night for months. I didn't really understand the lyrics at the time. To me it was just a great song that was sung by a super cool person. 

Today, these words come back to me. I was raised -- or more accurately, I raised myself on Leonard Cohen's music. He was the first poet I read seriously. He was the first folk singer I listened to that wrote his own songs. He informed my teena...


Sami and I are alone in Tel Aviv. Isaac has started classes in Jerusalem. Avi is leading a tour in the Old City. Ken is in New York. 

It is a surreal experience watching the election unfold on MSNBC (no choices here). I have no one to share my comments with - save Sami, who does not have a lot to say or a strong opinion on the matter. 

I voted in the Israeli election. I very much wanted to participate in active democracy in Israel, despite the fact that many colleagues and friends in the US thought it was a farce. But I voted nonetheless because I believe that the more voices the better. 

I didn't vote in the e...

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Soup - מרק

September 13, 2019

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