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When I was a kid we went berry picking. It wasn't fun. The berries are ripe in July and it is too hot to pick during the day so we had to go late in the afternoon or early evening before dusk (sometime before 10 pm in the height of summer) when the mosquitos are at their hungriest. Mosquitos love Type O blood. I am thus blessed. 


All across the Canadian prairies, but especially in Saskatchewan and Manitoba you can find bushes heavy with chokecherries and of course, Saskatoon berries (wild blueberries - very plump, very fine seeds and a gorgeous purple color). Berries in the wild are sour and I could never ge...


It is always dangerous to make an announcement of a new project - at least for me this is the case. The announcement often means that the project is delayed, or worse. In this case I have no one to blame but myself. With the best of intentions I started weeks ago and then - boom - life interferes and nothing gets done. I am just now returning to thinking seriously about how I go about doing this work. 


Should I spend energy on picking the right tool to keep track of the entries or should I focus on hunting down new and exotic plants? Should I reference all the other work out there - include links and re...


Every year in May, usually around Mother's Day weekend, the Perry Street Block Association holds its Perry Paraphernalia Street Fair. For two short blocks between 7th Avenue and Bleecker Street, many residents (-and some vendors) rent a spot on the street to sell their wares. Usually this amounts to the gifts that one can't regift, old clothes, toys and some collectibles. Often what was bought last year at the fair can be seen offered up by the neighbor who took it off your hands. 


As long as we lived on Perry Street we participated. At first it was exciting because we had a lot of good stuff. But as th...


Many many years ago I was a graduate student in Film Studies at NYU. I was lucky enough to have a teaching assistantship and tuition remission. It was a rather comfortable situation. I didn't have any money, but I also didn't have too many worries.


I was never very good at it. I had done an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and finished an MA program also in Philosophy (leaving the week before the thesis defense - another story altogether) before moving to New York. I needed to be somewhere legit, to get a visa. I chose the only thing I knew well - academia. 


The problem was I had no academic interest...


For the first year we lived here I was so busy eating and cooking with new ingredients I found at the shuk, I never paid much attention to their actual names - the names of the all the green things that can be found in huge mounds at every market in Israel - herbs, vegetables, teas, plants.


I was content to be led by my eyes and by the earthy aroma of the plants. What a delight to be in a forest of produce.


But once my Hebrew began to improve I wanted to make my best effort to use the language in the place I was most comfortable - around food. So I learned to read restaurant menus in Hebrew before I could re...

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Soup - מרק

September 13, 2019

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