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New York City sits between the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean. At the bottom of Manhattan is New York Bay and somewhere running between is the East River - where it starts and ends has always been a mystery to me. 


New York is like Tel Aviv in many ways - busy, dirty, fun, exciting, cosmopolitan- but its relationship to the surrounding waters is very different. In TA the water is a destination, in NY it seems to be something that separates you from another borough or another state. The Hudson and the East Rivers are an univiting brown. The water in NY Bay between Manhattan and Staten Island or Ellis Isl...


Only crazy people travel half way across the world to go to a spice store when they have the best spice stores available to them in Israel - yes and no. 


There is no where is the world like Kalystyans. I couldl perhaps live there. 



Fifteen years ago it was a small store front with dried fruit, bulk grains and spices, olive oil and tinned products from Syria and Pakistan, Ghee and metal pots from India.  Today it has expanded into a market that sources its goods from every corner of the planet. Dried fruit and nuts which are at the front of the store are now a very small section and have been replaced by a l...


The cost of taking a cab from Perry Street in the West Village to 1st Avenue and 37th Street - $20.00.  The experience - priceless.


NYC Taxi Commission Photo


I am travelling to the United States on a short visit to my family.  It is only for two weeks but I am experiencing quite a bit of angst. (no comment on its relation to visiting family).  I am not a relaxed traveller so it is not unusual for me to be anxious, but this is something different. 


Before we moved here, I would cry when the plane took off from Ben Gurion. Since everyone in the family knows (and now you do too) that I am a white knuckle flier, it has always been chalked up to my usual nerves. But the truth is, it is not about flying. It is about the deep melancholy I feel when leaving the...


According to my handy-dandy online, never too far away, always referenced, Hebrew-English dicitonary - מורפיקס (Morfix) the word אולפן is translated thus: 

For those of you living outside of Israel or who have never be subjected to the harrowing experience (what my teacher calls "fun") of taking a Hebrew language course, this is probably not a familiar or even unfamiliar word. But for those of us who have moved to Israel as adults - and here I include anyone post high school - ulpan is one of the first words and most important words one learns in Hebrew. "Ulpan" might as well mean "the entire world"...


 If you are at all a Foodie (a term I'm not fond of - but what the heck) then you are probably aware that Israel has any amazing restaurant scene. With the freshest ingredients at hand Israeli Chefs have become some of the most adventuresome and inventive players on the scene. But like everywhere else in the world, better - meaning higher quality ingredients, freshness, presentation, unusual combinations and very little on the plate - means higher prices. Tel Aviv is especially exciting because many restaurants are not kosher and seafood is a main staple. 


My good friend Yael and I like to treat ourselves on...


יצחק זקסנבג


בד בבד עם ייצור הנשק המציא זקסנברג את מסחטת ההדרים העברית הראשונה‏[2], שנודעה מאז גם

כ"מסחטת זקנסברג". תהליך ההמצאה הארוך כלל ייצור דגמים רבים, ובסופו נרשם פטנט על המוצר בשנת 1931‏[3]. תוך זמן קצר, התברר כי מסחטת ההדרים של זקסנברג בולטת בטיבה ובעלת תכונות מובחרות, ומאז נודעה כהמצאה ישראלית בולטת בתחום המכניקה. לאחר מותו המשיכה משפחתו בייצור ובשיווק המסחטה שהמציא‏[4]. זקסנברג גם נודע בממטרות שלו‏[5]. בשנת 1936 זקסנברג היה

.פעיל בהתאחדות הממציאים‏[6], התארגנות קצרת מועד של בעלי הפטנטים בארץ ישראל

In 1924 inventor/engineer יצחק זקסנברג (Isaac Zaksenberg) immigrated with his f...


When we moved to נווה צדק (Neve Tzedek) two years ago it had already been under transformation for quite awhile. Founded in 1887 as the first Jewish settlement outside the walls of יפו (Yafo-Jaffe) the houses were built as private dwellings - small, one story with stucco exteriors. Over the years the neighborhood grew increasingly run down and by the 1980s was scheduled for demolition. Thankfully preservations argued successfully to reverse the demolition order and the original buildings and narrow streets were saved. Restoration of the houses and businesses and the the streets has been ongoing since then....

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Soup - מרק

September 13, 2019

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