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It is now חול המועד סוכות (Hol HaMoed Sukkot). The days between the first and last days of סוכות (Sukkoth). The profane days. The days that are not holy but are still part of the celebration. Everyone is back to work - at least for a few days before שמחת תורה (Simchat Torah) and the long month of celebrations is over. 

We built our סוכה (Sukkah) this year at the last moment. And like the previous years it is not perfect. It is structurally sound but it is not kosher. It does not comply with the exact dimensions and specifications of a kosher Sukkah. So strictly speaking, we should not say the blessings o...


Yesterday I was very hungry at 1:00 o'clock. I ran into a cafe and the only thing they had left was a small vegan sandwich. I hesitated but I am crazy mad about vegetables, so I thought why not? 

After the first bite, I knew "why not". The sandwich consisted of wilted, grilled cauliflower with טחינה (tahinina) on what I thought was bread, but was essentially cardboard. I guess it isn't  hard to make it resemble the real thing but it is another to make it taste like it. 

I don't quite understand. We live in a country where the produce is rich with color and flavor and yet everytime I eat something vegan it...


When I was a kid I went to Jewish summer camp - big surprise. Because I grew up in Yenevelt (literally, The Hereafter in Yiddish and Saskatchewan in English) In my generation, it was a must. How else was I going to meet my future husband.

So off I went at a tender age with a group of equally fresh-faced and naive kids from my town and the surrounding rural Jewish communities. (Yes, there were many and many colonies that resembled kibbutzim).

We travelled by train to Edmonton. Spent the night "billeted" (does anyone say that anymore) in the home of a Jewish family and in the morning boarded the bus to camp. Tra...


Every year we insist that we will not spend another August in Israel and every year, one way or another, we spend at least 2 weeks, sometimes the whole month here. It is bloody hot and humid and sometimes impossible to go outside. 

The weather forecast is deceiving. It says it is 32°C. IPhone says it feel like 35°C. Accuweather says it feel like 38°C. The Israeli sites don't even attempt to tell you how it feels. 

We live very close to the sea - a ten minute walk. But at the height of the day, between 11a.m. and 4p.m., when it would be the most reviving, I don't even dare to go to the beach.  

There are se...


I have just returned from a trip to Canada. I had a wonderful time with family and was so moved at my grandniece's Bat Mitzvah. She read beautifully from the Torah on the בימה Bima (dais) where her mother, my niece, my three brothers and I all were all B-Mitzvah-ed (not a word - but I don't care). The אונג שבת Oneg Shabbat (meal after service) was a throwback to the best days of truly celebrating the joy of being Jewish. 

I have been thinking a lot about the rite of Bar / Bat Mitzvah in גלות the Galut (the Jewish community outside of Israel). It is clearly still very important to many and that...


To each and everyone I have hurt or harmed - intentionally or unintentionally - I ask your forgiveness. 

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Soup - מרק

September 13, 2019

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