Vegan? No Way טבעונית: אני חושבת שלא

Yesterday I was very hungry at 1:00 o'clock. I ran into a cafe and the only thing they had left was a small vegan sandwich. I hesitated but I am crazy mad about vegetables, so I thought why not? After the first bite, I knew "why not". The sandwich consisted of wilted, grilled cauliflower with טחינה (tahinina) on what I thought was bread, but was essentially cardboard. I guess it isn't hard to make it resemble the real thing but it is another to make it taste like it. I don't quite understand. We live in a country where the produce is rich with color and flavor and yet everytime I eat something vegan it is remarkably bad. So today at the שוק (market), סלק (beets) and כרוב (cabbage) were cal

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