Infrastructure - תשתית ותקשורת

Tel Aviv is perhaps at the same time, the most beautiful and the most ugly city. The Bauhaus buildings which have been neglected for years are once again white and their remarkable geometry looks surreal against the background of the clear blue skies. The brutalist buildings from the '50s are no less remarkable, in their often cartoon simple shapes and practical stucco cladding. The beach and טיילת (the tayelet - boardwalk) are beautiful. Neve Tzedek, our neighborhood is amazing in its mix of small walled houses (NB: Ken's project of documenting the neighborhood can be found on Instagram under the user "itscometothis"), run-down, half-crumbled stone structure and new French highrises. (I say

The BDS of Friendship and Conversation

I have just returned from a trip to Canada. I had a wonderful time with family and was so moved at my grandniece's Bat Mitzvah. She read beautifully from the Torah on the בימה Bima (dais) where her mother, my niece, my three brothers and I all were all B-Mitzvah-ed (not a word - but I don't care). The אונג שבת Oneg Shabbat (meal after service) was a throwback to the best days of truly celebrating the joy of being Jewish. I have been thinking a lot about the rite of Bar / Bat Mitzvah in גלות the Galut (the Jewish community outside of Israel). It is clearly still very important to many and that makes me very happy. But a kind of sadness came over me, as I felt quite distanced from the rhythm a

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