Eating Humble Pie - על כן גודל הפילה

Living in New York one can purchase just about any exotic cooking ingredient or find a restaurant that serves absolutely fabulous cuisine in any and all flavors. You may have to travel to Queens but hey - it's worth it. Here by the sea there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of Israelis who have travelled the world, have eaten and enjoyed all sorts of food, have spent copious amounts of time in Thailand and India - but can't seem to import the necessary ingredients for preparing these dishes. I can't even put words to how disappointing Indian and Thai restaurants are. And don't even consider Mexican. I don't even bother to try any more. So in response to limited availability I schlepp

Orange Soup - מרק חטום

In this beautiful land by the sea you cannot buy tinned soup. There is no 40 different kinds of Campbell's soup. No Progresso. No Liptons. If you are desperate there is Knorr powdered soup base (no comment) and some sort of iridescent Osem "chicken flavored" powder (again no comment) and prepackaged "Noodles in a Cup" from AM-PM. On the whole Israelis consider soup something you make at home or is made from scratch in a restaurant. Sometimes stew is called soup depending on what country you hail from. Ubiquitous in winter is מרק חטום Orange Soup. Now for years I worked at the library and ran across 42nd Street or 34th Street or 6th Avenue to stand in line with all the rest of the worker bees

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