Queen Esther in Vancouver - אסתר המלכה בוונקובר

There are not many news stories in print or online that laud the everyday work of women. Occasionally studies are published regarding the status of women's salaries relative to men, the position of women's roles relative to men, the division of labor in the household, etc. But very little is published about the everyday life and sacrifice of women. When stories are published they are most often about how women have contributed (qua female actor in traditional male role) to the social and economic welfare of the greater community. I do not have many "heros". Never quite got the appeal of adoring a public figure or wanting to model myself after a stranger regardless of his/her qualities. One p

Release - לשחרר

A year ago today Isaac sat down on a chair in the kitchen and Ken used an electric barber clipper to shave his head. It wasn't as easy a job as it looks on TV. The comb clogged, the batteries wore out and should have been replaced, the depth of the razor guard kept slipping. During the first few passes the long hair was caught in the teeth of the guard and Isaac was clearly feeling the pinch. He sat quietly and patiently while Ken ran the clipper over his scalp again and again. Soon the haircut turned into a freaky half mowed lawn. With a little more time Ken was able to fashion first a mullet and then a rattail - styles I am so happy to report, Isaac never sported as a teenager. Ken stopped

In Search of Irises on Ramat HaNadiv - מחפשים אירוסים ברמת הנדיב

Irises are extremely short lived. The stalks are grassy liked reeds and it takes considerable time between the initial shoot through the dirt and the arrival of the first bloom. No less than fourteen species of iris are native to Israel including the spectacular Coastal Iris, the Mt. Gilboa Iris and the Argaman Iris. In late winter and early spring they can be seen in the wild and later in the season in cultivated gardens. But wait. This is not a picture of an iris. This some sort of gate with grapes and grape leaves. This is what irises look like and these are some of the rare flowers we found on our trip to Ramat HaNadiv ( רמת הנדיב ) - a spectacular nature park located in the Carmel Moun

Finally at Home - חזרתי הביתה

After almost a month away - if you include the whole week it took me to adjust to the change in time zones - I am finally home. Last Shabbat we had dear friends visit from Montreal and I enjoyed the evening immensely, but I am not sure I knew whether I was in New York, California or Tel Aviv. I woke up the next morning ready to pull on my winter coat and run to the deli for milk. What a nice surprise that it was a balmy 18 degrees and sunny. It is spring here. Not spring for a day - but the actual season. New leaves are appearing on all the plants. The wind is pleasant and the sun is shining. Purim costume stores are popping up everywhere and hamentaschen - sweet and savory - are on offer i

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