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No where is Israel are you far from the sea. The country's land mass is very small and even in Jerusalem you can see the sea from some vantges. I live 10 minutes from the beach between Tel Aviv and Yaffo. It is rocky descent onto the sand but the beach is beautiful and there is a minaret on the horizon in Yaffo and skyscrapers and Bauhaus and sabich behind me in Lev Tel Aviv.  


על כותרת
אין מקום בישראל שבו אדם רחוק מהים. הארץ היא לא גדולה מאוד, כך שגם בירושלים לעתים קרובות ניתן לראות את הים מכמה נקודות תצפית.
אני גרה עשר דקות מחוף הים בין תל אביב ליפו. הנה ירידה סלעית אל החול אבל החוף הוא נהדר.

יש מינרות  באופק ביפו מגדלים גבוהים ובנייני הבאוהאוס מאחוריי בלב תל אביב. אני רגועה.
הים הוא מתמשך.


Living by the Sea. 


Living by the Sea is a blog about my experiences living in Israel - what life is like here, on the ground, day to day in land that is much talked about and little understood.


I chose this project in small part, to bridge the gap between my old life and my new life, and to write again. It is often difficult to return to one's old loves. There are significant differences in mood and tone and in the circumstances surrounding the original pursuits. But here I am writing again and living in Israel again - albeit a different Israel than the country of my youth. 


It is not easy to learn a new language and a new life at my age - and perhaps at any age. And it is not easy to give up the familiar. Certainly the life we have here is harder than the one we left in New York. So in part this blog is about mapping my own evolution, learning Hebrew, living in the Middle East, coming to face with decisions I have made.


This is an extraordinary land with more variations on the human theme than can be imagined elsewhere, It is rich in history, in legend, in practice and in its connection to everything we call and claim as modern. There is also tension and conflict and daily collisions of identify and culture. 


But there is also ordinary life. It is that ordinary life I have chosen want to celebrate in this blog.  

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